Presurgical blood work


Our greatest concern is the well-being of your pet, especially during anesthesia. In preparation for any anesthetic event, patient blood work is evaluated as part of our procedures to ensure adequate health of your pet. 

Performing pre-operative blood work reduces the risk but may not prevent complications. It does help us to: 

  •  Minimize the risk of anesthesia by determining the safest medications to use for your pet. 
  • Identify any underlying diseases not found by the history or physical examination. 
  • Establish healthy baseline values. 
  • Postpone procedures and perform additional diagnostic testing if indicated. 

Recommended Tests: 

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • White Blood Cells: Evaluates the immune system status and identifies infection or inflammation. 
  • Red Blood Cells: Evaluates the body’s ability to carry oxygen to the tissues. 
  • Platelets: Part of the blood clotting system, adequate numbers must be present to prevent excessive bleeding. 

Chemistry Profile 

  • Chemistry tests provide vital information about the internal organ function (liver, kidneys, pancreas) that cannot be determined from a physical examination. 

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